Friday, June 11, 2010

Man-Wolf/StarGod by George Perez & Tim Dzon

One of my Fan Favorite Artist that inspired me into the Comic Book Field.

Always loved George Perez's artwork. One convention in 1990, I met him in person and got some books signed. I asked him if he had any of those "Man-Wolf" artwork from any of his books. Unfortunately he was dealing with a art dealer and had no artwork with him.

To my surprise, he asked me if I had any art bristol with me. I did, and overnight he penciled this wonderful piece of artwork.

To me.. this was a piece of gold. And for years couldn't get the nerve to ink it till around the 2000 year, which I inked in the style of quills.

But I took and kept a detail scan of the pencils. Which I printed up a blue-line on bristol paper to do this nice re-ink work in my current comic style of inks which I did last night.

Tim "dbull"


  1. Any Man-Wolf/Stargod art is welcome- but a picture with such a story is priceless!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Man, how lucky you are. I love the guys art as well and love to sit in on a few of his chats at Comic Con. I think your inking can only add to what is fantastic art.