Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Inking of Hulk ACEO Trading Card

Had a great time this past Sunday at the Comic Con held in George Mason University campus in Fairfax Virgina.

Met some old friends from the comic field that I use to work with in the 80's & 90's. And talk to some new and upcoming artists as well.

I was also handing out my business card that has an offer of a free comic cover or pin-up page inking for free. Just trying to get the word out that I am still here in the field of comics.

The above image is a "Hulk aceo trading card" Penciled by artist Bill Meiggs that I meet at the comic con. He had his artwork out and alot of Aceo cards as well. His did a rendering of the "Hulk" that I like and asked if he could do one in pencil for me to ink. And here is the results of our 2 styles. You can see "Bill's artwork" at deviantart...


I will also will start a deviantart account for my comic art soon as well. Keep watching.


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